Andy is a former NFL scout who has taken an interest in changing the American political landscape.  This blog will primarily be devoted to American political issues of the day (or week, as the case may be), however from time to time he will dip into his expertise in the field and comment sports related topics, in particular college and NFL football.


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  1. Ah-Ha Rancho Santa Fe on

    Andy, please contact me about blgging on my site or post yourself. Dan

    Allow me to introduce Ah-Ha Rancho Santa Fe at its beta test site, http://ahharanch.neighborlogs.com/ and invite you, and your group, to participate in the conversation.

I refined the concept through my work this spring as a fellow at the Knight Digital Media Center at the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. The Knight Center is THE focal point for the creation of the — successful — new online journalism models being developed across the nation.

While practically 100 percent Internet connected, Rancho Santa Fe, and North County San Diego, also suffer a communication vacuum. Daily and specialty newspapers, as well as online sites, barely, if ever, cover our communities properly.

I’d like to run columns on a weekly basis as blogs. I’ll set up the page and post the material. Besides my posting, you also have flexibility to go in and change whatever you want, plus you can post additional material — videos, polls, photos, anything really.

The way the new digital media environment works for this: Send columns to me whenever you can. I’ll post them on a regular schedule each week, then tweet and social promote (Facebook page, whatever else I have) the column and feature it on the front page, which will get hits. As more stories get featured, the column will drop on the front page, but will build on your blog page. I also will come up with other promotional ideas.

Setting a schedule is key, for much like TV news, people will come to expect a new column after that set time. The beauty of online v. print is we have maximum flexibility whereas a paper has to have the material at a certain time to go to press. So, we can tweak and look at metrics, then adjust if needed. We also can add features such as polls, graphics and other material within your stories or on your page.

What I hope in return is for you to tell people about your column/blog appearing at Ah-Ha and have them go to the site to check it out. Also, a big bonus would come from people registering as users — it’s free, obviously — posting their own material and participating in forums. In fact, you could start topics or suggest them for me to start, which is a great way to conduct your own opinion research and keep your hand on the public pulse. I have very sophisticated metrics programs whereby I can monitor pretty much anything in any way and use these stats — if they’re positive — to get advertising.

We also have your space per se, so, somebody you know, and/or approve of, may want to come on as a sponsor and pay me a few bucks (well, $50 to $100 a month) for an ad or message sponsorship on your page. That’s just a thought because whatever revenue I can locate will allow me the freedom to continue, and improve, the project, as well as hire freelancers for a LIVING, and fair, wage, not the rip-off stuff going around in the media these days. However, your content is important, so it’s not a tit-for-tat thing, just a hope.

Ah-Ha is based at Rancho Santa Fe, but set up to include whatever material we can get from across North County. So we will have coverage of Escondido, Valley Center, Vista, etc. although that’s not the main emphasis at this time. The key for us is traffic — views, hits — so whatever gets us there works.

I’ll moderate, but mainly be looking at avoiding libel-plagiarism issues and not actual content. I believe this represents true freedom of the press and the new way of doing journalism in a partnership setting rather than a top-down model.

I’m on my last beta test. With all systems go, I’ll go preview live in about two weeks and then start selling ad space as best I can. I’ll do an “official” launch at a later date. My tentative frame is August.
Advertisers, sponsors and groups are able through Ah-Ha to reach residents directly in Rancho Santa Fe as well as nearby, and super-affluent communities including Olivenhain, Solana Beach, Del Mar, Carmel Valley, and La Jolla, all of North County and the nation. Ah-Ha will create awareness for your products, services, or even personal concerns while supporting a valuable community resource.



(760) 480-0963
Ah-Ha Rancho Santa Fehttp://ahharanch.neighborlogs.com/

  2. A Fan & Blog Reader on

    You have a very informative site. Keep up the great work!

  3. james ames on

    Obama is a muslim terrorist sympathizer because he is a radical socialist

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