David King’s Redevelopment Bogeyman (Woman)

Last week, The San Diego News Room’s David King wrote a scathing commentary about the young woman chosen to be the chief of staff for the San Diego Redistricting Commission.  His accusations were based on pure partisanship and zero facts.  His analysis was one of a GOP henchman, and not of someone who has done extensive—or even cursory—research into the background and qualifications of the individual to perform a particular job.

The guys at Two Cathedrals have done an outstanding job of ripping King apart for his partisan hackery in columns here, here, and here.  And I applaud them for it—they were far more biting than I could have been.

But there are still a couple of things that need to be further addressed.  The first is the notion that if the Republicans do it, then it’s OK, but if the Democrats do it, it’s high treason punishable by death, which the Two Cathedrals guys highlighted.  As they point out, Ralph Pesqueira was the chairman of the San Diego Redistricting Commission in 2001.  Pesqueira is about as partisan a Republican as it gets, having twice been a delegate to the Republican National Committee, and a proud donor to such figures as Duke Cunningham, the California Republican Party, and just about every local Republican politician of any significance in the San Diego region.

One of King’s principal arguments is that Midori Wong, the 24 year old Chief of Staff for the Redistricting Commission, should be disqualified because her mother is a Democratic State Assemblyperson, she has worked for another Democratic State Assemblyperson, and she has ties to a progressive organization—the New Leaders Council.  The Redistricting Commission is supposed to be a non-partisan group, so King argues that she should immediately resign.

Read the rest of this post at the OB Rag.


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