God Hates Rednecks and Bigots

Tornadoes tore through Alabama and Georgia today.  A natural disaster that, in Alabama, has reportedly cost nearly 300 people their lives. 

This is, of course, the heart of deep red Republican territory, where the most conservative of conservative of politicians get elected to public office.  These are the people who continue to perpetuate the “birther” nonsense; clear code to disguise their disdain that a black man actually got elected President of the United States.

So I wonder, is this God’s punishment for the despicable bigots and rednecks who are perpetuating this filth in American politics today?  Why not?  After all, Hurricane Katrina was allegedly God’s wrath against gays, right?

So if they can say that God hates gays (and by extension poor people, since the folks most affected by Katrina were the poorest of New Orleans), then what makes them think that God doesn’t hate bigots and rednecks?

Just sayin’…….

And yes, I know……this is no better than what the wingers have done, making light of a tragedy for political gain.  But fuck it.  I’m sick of Democrats being above the fray.  Maybe it’s time for us to get down in the mud and call these jackasses out for the ignorant filth that they are?


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