Election Day

I’ve been hesitant to say this out loud, or in “print,” but I have a really hard time believing the polls.  And I don’t think they’re very accurate, and I don’t think we’ll see this huge “Republican Tidal Wave” that every major media outlet has predicted, based on the various polls out there.

It’s the superstition in me that makes me think that the instant I articulate my views, they’re automatically doomed to be wrong.  So while I’ve had this gut feeling for a while (although not so much today–in fact, I can’t recall having such a sense of despair as I do with the prospects of this election being so grim), I’ve been afraid to actually say it.

But the fact is that the polls have been so erratic, I don’t see how you can rely on them at all.  Besides, can a majority of voters really be that stupid as to elect to major government offices some of these crackpots that are out there?  Does Kentucky really think that Rand Paul stands with them?

Sorry, but I can’t believe what the polls are telling us.  I mean, who actually answers these poll questions, anyway?  Who are the pollsters calling?  As more and more people move away from land lines and go exclusively with cell phones (like me), and with the national Do-Not-Call registry working in full force, who’s left for these pollsters to question?

My sense is that the folks that are actually answering the pollsters’ questions are the least tech savvy people, the least informed among us.  They tend to be older and more conservative.  The more progressive among us have moved away from the phone lines, and have migrated to our computer screens to get the bulk of our information.  No one polls folks like me.

In a passing way, I’ve tried to research some of the polling methods.  Admittedly, I haven’t really looked very hard, but I haven’t found anything that tells me that pollsters are able to adequately account for the way modern technology has changed they way we live our every day lives.  I’ve yet to see that they can account for how attached and dependent we’ve become on our SmartPhones.  How the internet rules the day.

It baffles me that people can actually take Tea Party candidates like Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Joe Miller, Rand Paul, and Michelle Bachman seriously.

Then again, the Minnesota 6th has already re-elected Bachman once.

I hope I’m right, and the polls have grossly miscalculated what will take place today.  Because if I’m wrong and the polls are right, this country is going to be in BIG trouble over the next two years.


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