God Bless CSPAN!

I missed the final California Gubernatorial Debate last night, and was desperately searching the web for the full replay.  All I found–even on the NBC websites–were snippets and clips.  Which are fine, but to understand what really went on, you have to see the debate in its entirety.

At last, I discovered that CSPAN had it available.  You can watch it in this link here.

(The CSPAN player is not embeddable.  I tried.)

I’ll have a writeup later–I’ve got about 20 minutes left to view.  But so far, I have to give win to Jerry Brown.  He’s much more specific, much more knowledgeable about the issues, he has a much more specific plan, and is in much greater command than Meg Whitman is.  Sorry to those Whitman fans out there, but this state is in MAJOR trouble if she wins this election!

More later……..


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