Eric Cantor visits Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is bleeping BRILLIANT!  Watching Eric Cantor, the Republican Congressman from Virginia, attempt to match wits with Stewart last night was pure comedic GENIUS!

See, here’s the thing:  Jon Stewart is supposed to be a comedian, a clown of sorts.  And he is VERY funny.  But he’s also incredibly smart, and unbelievably well prepared.  He also happens to be superbly versed on the major issues of today, particularly when it comes to politics.

So Eric Cantor, the House Minority Whip, has a new book to peddle.  And, to his credit, he entered the lion’s den of The Daily Show to promote it.  Not exactly devout Republican territory.  And what he ran into was essentially a buzz saw ripping his every position apart–politely and respectfully, mind you–and the entire Republican platform ended up looking like a complete sham!

In typical fashion, Cantor didn’t really say anything of any real substance.  Just the typical Republican talking points and drivel about “fiscal responsibility,” and “small government.”  Cantor was quick to blame Democrats for the current economic crisis, yet refused to accept that it was Republican governance that led us to this mess in the first place.  He was quick to insist that government–and the Dems in particular–and their insistence on having regulation on private business is what’s strangling economic recovery.  Nevermind that it was a lack of regulation and callous business practice that led us to the brink of disaster.

What Cantor did was reiterate the Republican position that business should be allowed to operate completely unfettered by government interference.  That business should be allowed to regulate themselves.  Except that he refuses to acknowledge that when business is allowed to regulate themselves, they never do.  What you get is BP, and a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  You get Enron, and millions of defrauded investors, tens of thousands of workers who lose their entire pensions, their lifelines; and the most populous state in the union having its entire power system manipulated specifically to raise prices as high as possible to drive profits of private energy companies through the roof.

What happens if there are no environmental regulations, as Republicans insist?  Companies will be free to dump their toxic waste into our streams and rivers and lakes, poisoning our water supply.  They’ll be free to burn whatever toxic chemicals they want and release the fumes into the air, poisoning the air we breathe.  Don’t believe me?  What do you think led to the environmental regulations we have in the first place?

And as far as health care goes, people should be left to the mercies of the insurance companies to decide whether they’ll get the life saving treatment they need, or just die a long and painful death.  That is, if the insurance company overlords are ever so gracious enough in the first place to grant them whatever meager coverage they’re willing to provide…….or not provide.

Cantor comes across as just another shill for big business with no real plan to help spur the job market.  The only thing he and his Republican colleagues are interested in is helping their wealthy donors make more money.  There is no concern whatsoever for the middle class, for protecting the interests of the people.  They have no real ideas, and they could not possibly care less about the plight of the unemployed.  They really don’t seem to care about the health of the economy, and facts matter not at all.  Only rhetoric.

Jon Stewart exposes Eric Cantor for the shill he is.  Jon Stewart is absolutely BRILLIANT!

See the interview below:

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Again, credit to Cantor for sitting for nearly a half hour for an amicable exchange with Stewart.  It’s refreshing.  And illuminating.



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