“I Am a Right Winger”

Found this in the comments section of the “Obama as hypnotist” blather on the AAPS website:

I am a right winger. I have been Hannitized. I have been anointed by the holy water from Limbaugh. I am Beckoned into their dark den of despair, cynicism and pessimism. I am lulled, mired, then I am led by my baser instincts. My world is drenched in hostility, anger, hatred and raw racism.

Distortion and delusion are my constant companions. I react. I respond. I regurgitate. I parrot sentence by sentence, phrase by phrase, word for word, letter by letter, never deviating from the paranoid propaganda from my mentors of hate, the disciples of deception.

I eagerly lap at every drop of the verbal puss flowing steadily from their mouths, with each wet morsel of malcontent tainted by a poison far worse than any known physical toxin. Their evil pierces through any physical barriers controlling those whose awareness is even behind primitive man.

React. Flight or fight. It’s us or them. Yes, if you’re not with us, you’re against us. Enemies give me purpose, even if no enemies exist. I have an unquenchable thirst to live my life within the confining, yet safe walls of profound ignorance, fear, delusion and hatred. These four walls separate me from the reality beyond. My head constantly filled by words spewing forth from Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck. We share a lovefest of hate. They are my radio gods. They shape my being. I am a conservative.

\Copyright 2009, LSR, All Rights Reserved


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