Vote in Susan Davis’ Poll

On her House website, Rep. Susan Davis currently has this poll:

What do you think Congress should do about the expiration of the Bush tax cuts at the end of this year?

  • Let all the tax cuts expire.
  • Keep the tax cuts in place.
  • Keep some of the tax cuts and allow some to expire.
  • Not sure.

Add your vote here.


4 comments so far

  1. Patty Jones on

    ack… I just went to vote in that poll and was real disheartened to see 49.5% voted to keep the cuts in place. I don’t know what these people are thinking, or not thinking. It seems to me that all these folks aspire to be rich themselves one day and it doesn’t matter that they might get there are the expense of everyone else.

    • Andy on

      Only 94 votes to this point…..hardly scientific or representative. I guess the good news is that over 50% would like to see at least most of the tax cuts expire. It just looks skewed heavily in favor of extension because there are two other choices that have split the other side.

      Just remember……2% of the earners make 24.1% of all reported income in this country as of 2009. I hardly think these folks need more help making ends meet.

  2. gradycarter on

    Well you can be encouraged by the fact that 54.8% now say either let them all expire or at least some of them.

  3. Edward TEEL on

    When 2% of the population employes the vast majority of the working class (middle Class) the answer should be simple. Extend the tax cuts.
    It is time for elected officials to start playing like big boys and girls. Stop the fighting and get the job done.

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