Credit Where Credit is Due……

I’m no fan of Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) of North San Diego County and Southern Riverside County. The guy has been an embarrassment to San Diego. But in the spirit of fairness, I must commend the man for his stance on the RNC’s misleading Census Mailer as part of it’s most recent fundraising campaign. The mailer looks virtually identical to a federal Census envelope, and contains RNC fundraising material that look suspiciously like U.S. Census documents.

To his credit, Rep. Issa was the co-sponsor of a bill that outlawed the practice. The bill (which passed in the house unanimously) required that any material that had the word “census” also have the name and address of the sender of the material on the outside of the envelope. Issa has stepped to the plate and is working on a fix to the bill that will close the loophole that the RNC has taken advantage of to avoid breaking the letter of the law while trampling all over the spirit of the law.

So kudos to you, Mr. Issa.


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  1. 22short on

    Dear Cohen:

    I am NOT a fan any liberal idea! What I read says that Cohen is a liberal!
    Don’t you people get it? This state and nation are broke thanks to liberals “giving away the store”! I am done with giveaways that make liberals feel good about themselves! Let Mexico take care of Mexicans!

    • Andy on

      Thanks for reading.

      The problem is that Repubs had control of the Congress (both houses) for 12 years, and the White House for six of those years. During those 12 years you managed to screw things up pretty badly.

      How, you ask? Well, you overturned the one piece of legislation that kept the entire banking system from gambling away the house (Glass-Steagal); you turned a $400 billion budget surplus into a $1 trillion dollar deficit, you increased the size of government exponentially; you exploded the national debt; you passed unfunded legislation after unfunded legislation after unfunded legislation while never once having the slightest bit of concern over the budget deficit or national debt; you treated the very agencies that were responsible for regulating our economy to prevent the crash of 2008 and could’ve prevented the kind of unethical behavior that led to last week’s investigation of Goldman Sachs, the demise of AIG and Lehman Brothers, among others like they were lepers throwing a wrench in the economy rather than protecting it; you handed out countless no-bid contracts, bypassing the very competition you Repubs claim to covet so much, and watched those companies piss away hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars while electrocuting American soldiers, murdering civilians, providing construction services that would make a kindergarten class proud, and overcharging the government (i.e. the taxpayers) by hundreds of billions of dollars; I could go on but, given the level of intelligence your Republican friends have shown in the last decade I doubt you’d ever understand just how badly you screwed up this country.

      Spreading hate and fear is not governing. Preventing government from doing its job is not governing. You’ve had your chance to prove that you can do better, and you screwed it up ROYALLY. Time to let the adults take charge, someone with real intelligence and critical thinking skills who won’t let ideology get in the way of good policy.

      But thanks for playin’.

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