Day One

Oh, where to start…….There are so many things to discuss, so many topics that need to be aired out. So let’s just start with the basics:

1) This blog will primarily be dedicated to political subjects, and yes, it will be overwhelmingly from the Democratic point of view.

2) I hereby pledge to keep the discourse civil. It is my goal to present the provable facts, along with fact based opinion. From time to time I may angrily respond to things that those on the far right of the political spectrum spew, but so be it. Those people are NUTS!

3) It is my hope to point out hypocrisy when I see it, and to show how that hypocrisy damages our society.

4) From time to time I will write about sports, particularly football, since it’s what I have a background in. Sports are a big part of my life—it’s a great release. I consider myself an athlete—I do have some athletic ability, although no real athletic talent (yes, there is a BIG difference!). And since I spent 11 years working in the NFL, much of that as a college scout, I think that I have a unique perspective to share.

As I alluded to above, I am a Democrat. No, I am not a “Liberal.” I consider myself more of a progressive. A moderate who leans very much to the left. But I also try to look at things with a big picture perspective, and that’s what I will try to do here. Making good policy can be very confusing and frustrating. Most people don’t understand why our leaders don’t just pick a side, take a definitive stand, and make that into policy. They don’t because it’s not that simple.

Good policy and good governance usually involves a lot of gray area. And it involves compromise. Hopefully I will be able to good job of pointing that out. It is my belief that government can be a force for good. Government and government policy can be a driver for economic development. Government and government policy can spur private industry, and lead to a thriving local and national economy.

I believe that too much regulation is a bad thing, but that too little regulation can be equally if not MORE disastrous. I believe in competition. But I also believe in a level playing field, and that it’s government’s job to ensure a level playing field.

I believe that America’s strength in the world lies not in its military might, but rather in its ability to relate to the rest of the world in a peaceful, reasonable, responsible manner. It is better to have your “friends” respect you than it is for them to fear you. You make friends through mutual respect, by lending a hand when it’s needed, and by joining forces to defend mutual interests WHEN IT’S ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. You make friends by enriching people’s lives, not by threatening to destroy them. And I believe that our security is directly correlated to the number of friends we have.

This will be the basis for the viewpoints expressed in this blog. I imagine that this will put me directly at odds with Republican points of view, which is fine. So many of those viewpoints have been proven to be completely and disastrously wrong over the past decade, and somebody needs to speak up about it, because not enough do. I hope to be one more voice in the building cacophony to counterbalance the ideological Right that has nearly destroyed all that we hold dear.


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